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Stephenson County Chief County Assessment Office


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2018 Homestead Exemption Applications for leasehold properties are Due March 1, 2018


Mission Statement: To understand the value of a uniform and cost effective property tax system, to provide the taxpayers of Stephenson County with one of the most cost effective and the most uniform assessment jurisdictions in the state.


Vision Statement: To become the area's most technologically advanced, user friendly, county assessment office while maintaining our focus on our mission.


Duties and Function of the Office:

Provide assistance and information to the individual township assessors.

Monitor functions for compliance with state statutes and Illinois Department of Revenue procedures.

Receive exemptions and preferential assessments applications and apply them to the property when eligible.

Analyze sales data and conduct sales ratio studies
Apply equalization factors.

Provide proper taxpayer notification of assessments through mailed notices, newpaper publication and listing on the County's Official website.

Monitor and direct an unbiased appeal procedure to assure due process.

Prepare abstracts and reports for submission to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Certify the completed assessment roll to the County Clerk in a manner to facilitate timely tax calculation and billing as prescribed by statute.

Assist Board of Review in the defense of decisions when appealed to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.

Maintain an accurate county cadastral map system, parcel numbering system, including aerial photography, line maps, and other property & owner information, to be used in the property tax function, other county offices, other governmental offices and the public.





Ron Kane

Ronald A. Kane, CIAO-I
Chief County Assessment Officer

Stephenson County Chief County Assessment Office
50 West Douglas, 5th Floor
Freeport, Il 61032
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

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